PM Consulting Group is Now Vistant

This change represents our ongoing commitment to providing unparalleled solutions for complex global humanitarian, health, and security challenges.


Global Missions.


With a global reach, Vistant delivers enterprise-level solutions for humanitarian, health, and security efforts wherever they are needed.

Our teams and technologies strengthen global humanitarian, health, and security initiatives, delivering program management, system support, and crisis response for Federal missions at home and abroad.

International Development

Vistant partners with Federal agencies to provide comprehensive development solutions and on-the-ground support where they are needed most.


Advanced Healthcare

Vistant provides diverse technical and clinical solutions to Federal agencies and health organizations to deliver on the promise of healthcare for our citizens and military.



Vistant helps critical domestic programs efficiently deliver Government services to strengthen and advance the progress of citizens and society.


Global Teams
& Offices

Vistant spans the globe with offices overseas and consultants in more than 38 countries, allowing us to serve clients anywhere in the world. We currently support missions in:

  • Armenia
  • Guatamala
  • Poland
  • Bangladesh
  • Haiti
  • South Sudan
  • Belarus
  • Indonesia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Burma
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Colombia
  • Jordan
  • Tajikistan
  • Cuba
  • Kazakhstan
  • Tunisia
  • Ecuador
  • Kenya
  • Ukraine
  • Egypt
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • United States
  • Estonia
  • Lebanon
  • Venezuela
  • Ethiopia
  • Libya
  • Vietnam
  • Georgia
  • Moldova
  • West Bank/Gaza
  • Germany
  • Morocco
  • Yemen
  • Ghana
  • Nicaragua