People Forward.

We are driven by a bold vision to achieve the impossible for our Nation’s most important missions.

Vistant is an integrated solutions company supporting a healthier world, safer environments, and stronger global communities. For more than 15 years, we have provided international development, healthcare, and Federal agencies with the knowledge, systems, and teams to advance their missions. By accelerating the transformation of people, processes, and technology we create innovative and lasting solutions to the most complex global humanitarian, health, and security challenges.


A Force for Global Health, Stability, and Prosperity

Our vision is to be a force for global health, stability, and prosperity by supporting U.S. missions around the world with immediate, on-the-ground expertise and dynamic solutions to the most difficult and important humanitarian and security challenges of our time.


There is No
Back Burner

At Vistant, every project and every effort get our full attention and expertise. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and demand expert program management to ensure every detail, every dependency, and every action is orchestrated and aligned to achieve your highest purpose. We are committed to persevering when the going gets tough and the challenges seem insurmountable because we know when we fully bring ourselves, anything is possible, and everything is achievable.



We believe there is no direction but forward and have built our company to go further in service of the greatest missions of our day.

What Forward Means to Us:


Seeing ahead and getting in front to chart new courses and innovate on unprecedented solutions.


Making decisions and keeping momentum to always advance the mission even when the path is unclear.


Knowing there is a solution to every challenge and not stopping until it is accomplished, no matter what may stand in the way.


Built for Good

Vistant, originally PM Consulting Group, was founded in 2008 by Walter Barnes, III to support Federal missions around the world. Having worked in large consultancies, Walter wanted to build a different kind of company, one driven by outcomes focused on people and improving lives. With its first contract to provide project planning and control support for General Dynamics, Vistant was on its way to realizing its vision of significant global impact. Since then, Vistant has engaged in critical program development, crisis response, and public health initiatives in more than 38 countries.