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Global Health
Global Health

Immediate action and long-term solutions to improving global health.

Vistant deploys experts and support teams in response to health crises and global pandemics. We provide domestic and international health programs with multidisciplinary research, clinical support, and public policy.

Immediate action and long-term solutions to improving global health.

Across the globe, Vistant helps organizations and healthcare agencies respond to pressing health crises and challenges. We perform multidisciplinary research and analysis of data on environmental, genetic, and social factors that influence population health and provide subject matter experts and medical practitioners to support on-the-ground efforts. Our solutions and services are designed to impact both immediate action and long-term solutions to improving global health.  

We assist with pandemic preparedness and response, disease surveillance, and building out the workforce and national laboratory infrastructure needed to quickly address public health crises. 

Public Health & Research Capabilities
  • Population Health Management
  • Epidemiology Support
  • Public Health Research
  • Clinical Services
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Medical Supply Management
  • Mobile Health Units
  • Health Communications
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

Interdisciplinary Support

Vistant provides interdisciplinary teams of clinical and nursing professionals along with leading experts in medical logistics, patient records management, and histotechnology services to support global public health programs and initiatives.