Capabilities | Health Information Technology

Health Systems.
Health Systems.

Leveraging new possibilities to improve health and well-being.

Vistant delivers health data management across systems and develops solutions for the processing and secure exchange of information between Federal healthcare providers and patients.

Leveraging new possibilities to improve health and well-being.

Vistant partners with Federal health agencies to plan and implement technology solutions that manage and analyze vast amounts of data to increase efficiency, overcome challenges, and adapt to new environments. Our work ensures healthcare organizations are equipped with the technical capabilities and knowledge to effectively serve citizens.  

Our technical capabilities are built on our proven track record of world-class IT and support. With responsive technology experts providing timely and affordable on-site and remote services, we help Government staff operate at peak capacity to meet the needs of their expanding missions. 

Vistant helps agencies implement health technology solutions that ensure the right capabilities with the most valuable data insights are delivered when they are needed. 

Vistant Health Technology Capabilities
  • Technology Strategy & Planning
  • IT Development and Operations
  • Data Management
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Technology Consulting
  • System Modernization

Increased Impact

With advanced technologies to better and more efficiently expand access to quality care, Vistant increases the potential and impact of health programs. We create solutions that empower Government to leverage new possibilities for health and well-being across large populations.