Vistant Launches Cybersecurity Services

July 12, 2023

International Development Organization Expands Service Offerings To Better Support Current and Future Clients

July 12, 2023

Towson, Md., July 11, 2023 – Vistant, a Maryland-based firm that delivers international development, advanced healthcare solutions, and mission support services to federal government clients, has formally launched a cybersecurity and resiliency services division.

“We’ve been providing cybersecurity and resiliency support to a variety of clients over the years, but this formalizes those efforts into an official offering,” said Vistant President Walter Barnes III. “We now have a more complete set of offerings to provide our clients a one-stop option for their development efforts.”

Through this division, Vistant helps clients and local partners strengthen vital cyber infrastructure, mitigate disinformation, reduce criminal activity, enhance data storage and transfer, and report and assess cyber threats.

Vistant’s cybersecurity and resiliency division expands the level and breadth of services the organization has been delivering for several years. Through multiple strategic contracts, Vistant has stepped up to provide cybersecurity services to clients around the globe, including NATO and allied militaries, as well as civilian government counterparts.

“We look forward to expanding our support for existing clients’ cybersecurity and resiliency needs as well as extending these services to new clients,” said Jim Lutzweiler, senior vice president of international development. “Our cybersecurity teams are uniquely skilled in addressing the needs of developing areas.”

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